Latvian Children\'s Clinical University Hospital

Children\'s Clinical University Hospital is the largest Latvian specialized multi-functional medical institution for children, which is composed of two buildings in Riga - one building in Vienibas gatve 45/Juglas street 20, and one building in Ogre Gaismas prospekts 2/6. Each year the Hospital treats more than 30,000 patients and more than 160 000 receive outpatient care services. In 2012, \"PRISTIS\" as a subcontractor of \"MERKS\" and \"ABORA\" took a part in the reconstruction of hospital\'s buildings No. 20 & 26 and made installation work of various low voltage-security systems, including specialized medical systems: pneumatic tubes system and nurse call system.
Time of completion: 2012
Location: Latvia
Sector: Goverment

System services: Alarm, CCTV monitoring, Fire detection, Conferecne, Data and cable, Nurse call, Queue and counting, Pneumatic transportation, Automation