About Pristis

There are no problems in buildings’ technologies we cannot solve. Pristis operates and communicates with a smile. We are greeted with a problem but seen off with a smile.

Buildings’ technologies are our passion. We are known as quality specialists who cooperate with internationally ackowledged technology companies to provide clients with best solutions.
20 years in security industry has taught Pristis to understand safety and operation-critical situations of our customers.

Pristis was established in 1993 in Tartu, Estonia. The name: Pristis comes from a tropical fish - the common sawfish whose latin name is “pristis pristis”. 
Since 2001 Pristis is operating in all the Baltic countries: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, thus covering the whole area via its services and regional presence.

Pristis consolidated revenue in 2013 was €13 Mio and Pristis employs currently over 139 people.
In 1999 Pristis implemented quality assurance system, compliant to ISO 9001:2008 standard. The quality system is upheld and improved until present day.

Pristis is among the leaders of low voltage and security systems solutions and maintenance market in the Baltics, with market share of 15% (ETEL data 2011 about Estonia).